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Library facilities

School library has been considered as the heart of the school, since all the academic and co-curricular activities begin from there. From the preparation of an assignment on global warming to getting information regarding the attire of the annual day performers, everyone needs the library. The quest of a child for knowledge starts from his/her interaction with people, places and ideas. The school library is the meeting point of ideas. Great minds with open arms are staying there in the form of books and multimedia. They are always ready to clear everyone’s doubts and help them to prosper. Inculcating the habit of reading books and magazines enhance the student’s outlook and satiates their inquisitive minds. Our school boasts of a rich library with books on a variety of subjects for the extensive use of the students and teachers.


This is an age of fast growing and ever changing information technology. Our school aims at training the students by directing the computer learning to meet the technical temperament of the child. Computer Education starts from PLAYGROUP itself.